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About Panaeros...

So who exactly is the man behind this website? The more you've read from the other sections (particularly Essays and Erotica, and perhaps Letters) the more you already know about my heart and soul.

What I've written elsewhere about one essay applies more generally to this website and especially to all my essays and erotic writings: they are not just for creative outlets for my analytical and libidinal sides respectively, and not just writing for women readers (whether it's the 99.99% I will never meet, as well as that very special someone with whom to be in a relationship) to enjoy being aroused by, though that's a desired end too, but more than that, ultimately, the goal "equally or more [is] to help improve and deepen our appreciation and understanding of human sexuality in general and of D/s in particular" whether it be from reading intense erotica that delves into the human heart, and psyche, or from stepping back and taking an analytical look at D/s and more broadly at human sexuality (and how the former functions within and fits into the latter). See also "Why I Write" here

Naturally there is more to add, even if you're thoroughly read every Essay and erotic Fantasy currently on the site† and the other sections. If you think you and I may be compatible for a relationship, or if you simply feel a close "kindred soul" connection (or are simply curious) then you may want to read the links below, starting with a recent profile of mine.

♦1♦ My profile (brief addendum here)

♦2♦ More about what I seek (and what I don't seek) and who I seek, in a relationship.

♦3♦ The following is a very old personal ad (one of the first I wrote years back) You should give the above links much more attention. But see the old profile's section "The next step must be yours.." basically "What you should tell me about yourself in the first email(s) you write to me". I've put that section in red font. It's near the bottom of this old personal ad; skip the rest (at least for now). All other links on this page are current (2012)

♦4♦ A few more things prospective subs/partners should know about me (Important!)

New: ♦5♦ Direct quotes from my former subs and other girlfriends (if you're here not as potential partner/sub of mine, this will not interest you. If you are exploring a more than friends connection with me, you should read the above items first to check for compatible visions, first, and then) read their words here

New: A few photos of some of of accessories for D/s, vanilla, and massage (for photos of me, see links at item 1 above)

There's a lot more I could add but for now this will have to do. You may wish to re-read my Alt profile with the above comments in mind; read the existing Essays and Erotic stories; re-visit when I post more essays (The D/s Theory of Relativity and What Do We Want) and more erotica (A New Kind of Spanking and another one on erotic embarrassment/erotic humiliation and one about...).
♦ Some things to include in a first letter from you: see item 3 above.

†I'll likely expand this section too, but, like good cooking or a good relationship, it takes significant time investments, so news essays and erotic stories may take 3 or even 6 months to add, and likewise for items added to this section (if you're in email contact you'll be more up to date, otherwise can check periodically)

My Email address
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And to those who are just visiting...
Or who are not compatible with me..
I still wish you, with the right person, something as beautiful as this:

...Yet I know there is a Psyche out there for me...

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