Intelligent, sensual, empathic&loving but also Intense male Dom. See my profile Carpe_Eros on Alt. Also my own analytical essays about D/s and my erotic stories are at my own private personal (100% Non-commercial) site LovingIntensity ,com in fact I put my heart and soul into it, and scores of women have given very positive responses to the erotica I've penned, so do have a read :-) It also is a window into my mind and heart (and more about me including pictures)

Turn-ons include: women who are intelligent, thinking, and thoughtful (one can be intelligent without being either of the latter, which are more important than the first alone) and who understand that compassion and caring are not only key but are a true 'radical departure' - instead of seeing gentleness and empathy and softness (including at certain times in a Dom) as bad or naive, which is what our culture unfortunately teaches, so reproducing the same attitudes in BDSM is anything but 'radical.'

You need to also be ok or better, happy about this too: don't expect narrow stereotypical male behavior from me. Just because I can be a geek, generally egalitarian, doesn't prevent me from utterly making the woman my slut-slave at other times, and making her feel she's mine all the time.

Turn-ons also include women who do not buy into the idea that just because they are female, or subs, means they should never make first contact on a website like this (hint, hint). If there are real things in common after seeing my website, why not contact me even if it's for "just" friendship. Whether it's destined to be more than friendship or not, respectful friendship is never a "just."

If you're read this far, please do have a look at my own personal website If the above intrigues you, you will not regret taking the time to explore the website. There's nothing quite like it on the web.