Fuller D/s Personal Ad
Subject: Short and simple (Dom SWM iso sub/sub-curious F)

SWM, 32, fit, attractive, Dominant. I am Sensitive, but can be
Intense/very strict once we know/trust each other. I never do/had
drugs/STDs, don't smoke/drink.  Expect same (social drinkers ok) &
complete HONESTY from you. Be SF,INTELLIGENT, sensual, honest, decent,
18-40 (pref 22-35), not-overweight. My full-length ad&fantasy
available. Email me:  [omitted]

That was short and simple.
Now, what kind of person would you like to be with, and to be in the
trust of, physically and emotionally: wouldn't you want someone
thorough, uncompromising, and meticulous? If so, read on, because then
you too need to spend more time and thought. The longer version

Sensitive Dom SWM seeking very special sub F

Get to know me (1-4) and then enjoy some erotic vignettes (5),
(although if you're naughty and read out of order I won't know, unless you tell me ;-) ...

1) Introduction.
2) Prerequisites.
3) A little more about myself...
4) What kind of relationship do I seek?
5) Some Juicy Details...
6) The next step must be yours.
7) To contact me..

Are you a sub or sub-curious female who shares the following
qualities with me:
Honest - Absolute requirement.
Intelligent - Intellectual/'geekgirl' types are welcome too.
Respecting - Important for a serious relationship.
Self-respecting - Important for a sub; no doormats, please.
Kind - A caring person, having compassion for others.
Passionate - Sensual, very sexual, with a healthy dose of kink :-)
Warm (gasp!) - You like cuddling and giving & receiving hugs, massage.

I am experienced, in that I have practiced D/s as a Dom in some past relationships, although "experience" should not be your top concern.

Above all, relationships demand deep communication between people -- and that means complete honesty, integrity, and openness. This is all the more important when Dominance/submission (D/s) is involved.

I am not looking for us to leap into sex and/or D/s before/unless we get to know one another. Safety in sex and D/s are offered and required. At the same time, I am a very passionate person, and won't be "shy" about seeking physical intimacy, both D/s and "vanilla", if we click, and you should be comfortable with that.


Before delving further, you should be:

(1) Female (obviously.. :-)

(2) Between 18-40 (ideal range is 22-35),

(3) Live in/near [region] or genuinely willing to relocate. ..unless you can afford to fly every week ;-). (If however you think we are truly compatible on the deepest LTR levels described above and below, then do drop me a note...)

(4)Drug/Disease Free. That includes tobacco. Ideally that includes Alcohol as well, although social drinkers will be considered.

(5) Looks -- Not my key focus, but you should be reasonably attractive. Also, I enjoy female curves, not 'skin and bones' but on the other hand, you should not be obese, ie, prerequisite is that your weight be proportional to your height (example: 5'6" and in the 120-150 pound range). Overall, however, your looks are much less important than your mind -- your intellect, your sexual energy and sexual spirit, your honest emotions and passions, and willingness and ability to articulate them. In short, although I certainly appreciate beauty, and your body should add to my desire, it is your mind and who you are which matter much more than your body or face.

A little more about myself...

I am of average weight and in good shape, and consider myself at least reasonably attractive, in body and face, and have received appreciative looks from women at the beach. I ride my bike (cycle, not motor) frequently, and jog on and off.

"Piercing eyes" is almost a cliche, but I do think the intensity in my eyes, and my voice -- which I almost never raise, but which often reveals, behind its normally quiet tones, a burning need, a deep intense, and, yes, commanding desire -- are some of my better assets in the area of Domination, and have been known to give rise to butterflies in a woman's stomach, a lump in her throat, a shaking in her voice -- and wetness in her panties.

I have never used drugs. I have never had an STD. I don't drink nor smoke [ok if you drink moderately]. I take my health very seriously, and will treat your body with similar respect. I expect you to have the same standards.

Some of my non D/s interests: the outdoors; cycling; music (classical, plus other odds and ends), socially/politically left-progressive.

I am an Ivy-League graduate, both my undergraduate degree, and my graduate degree Feel free to ask for more information when you reply (see below) with more about yourself.

(Yes, another serious section; the juicy stuff right afterwards..)
What kind of relationship do I seek?

Not necessarily a lifetime Soul-Mate, although if I found her, I wouldn't complain, to say the least...

I am flexible about the exact nature of the relationship, in part because each person, and each relationship, is unique. I am interested in warmth and friendship and more, and a LTR (and beyond) is very possible; not just D/s.

I am open to (somewhat) more casual, somewhat more narrowly/strictly D/s relationships, but, be aware that emotional bonding is very important to me; and no one-night ( or one-month) stands, thank you very much.

In other words, even if your body were "stunning", and you'd do absolutely anything I order you to, nevertheless if what you offer/are interested in, was only physical, that is not what I want, because I understand and know myself enough, to know that that is not what I truly need. I feel sorry for women and men who miss out on deep emotional bonds, and deep mutual affection, even love, in vanilla or D/s relationships.

My D/s interests vary across the spectrum, from Domestic style Domination with you as my "naughty girl", to Strict Domination and your complete subjugation as my slave (definitions, and promised details below...)

Also, although I am Dom, I (1)Enjoy "vanilla" sexuality and sensuality (2) Do NOT enjoy playing an inhuman Master who is always perfect and never vulnerable. If human frailties in a Dom (or a feminist Dom, or one who has, somewhere inside, also a smaller, and with much more narrow limits/activities, has sub side which we don't have to explore) is not something you are psychologically/emotionally ready to deal with, look elsewhere.

Those are the bottom line minimum.

The following are not requirements, but if we mesh in deeper ways over time, and a LTR develops, I would like a full relationship of the mind, emotions and spirit, as well as a physical relationship which includes times when I can be "soft", times when I can receive TLC (very different from receiving your submissive obedience), times when I can lay back and be passive (not the same as "submissive", although, in a very close long term relationship, I may wish to explore that too), times when I can receive your support, and so on, in addition to vanilla sexuality and D/s of the various flavors described above, and in more detail below. Preference will also be given to the socially/politically progressive.

(Some) Juicy Details...

I am not quite a sexual omnivore, but my interests are quite varied.

They include the Domestic Domination I mentioned:

** Perhaps I will inform you, in a stern, commanding, but softly spoken voice, that your bratty behavior is in need of immediate correction. Stand in the corner. Now. Until I am ready. Then, in a flash, over my knee you go. Tell me what you have earned. That's right. A spanking. Soon after it starts, up goes your skirt (or down with your pants), as your bottom is warmed. Soon thereafter, your protestations and shame notwithstanding, down go your panties, as my hand (or hair-brush or paddle, as I deem appropriate) administers a sound spanking on your bare behind. When your naked butt has a nice rosy glow to it, and I've decided to stop, you are told to stand in the corner, placing your face and nose into the corner, while holding your skirt in the air to present your punished ass to me, until you are given permission to return, either to be forgiven, or for the rest of your punishment, and then a warm forgiving hug. **

They include wilder things, such as Control Domination:

* * * I order you to strip on the spot. I order you to masturbate in front of me. Suddenly, I order you to stop until I allow you to continue. This can go on, with variations, toys, and so on. When we go out, I have you wear a short skirt, perhaps with no panties. Or you are wearing them, but I suddenly order you to go to the ladies room (perhaps in a nice restaurant), remove your panties, and come back without them, handing me your panties, rolled up in a ball in your hand, at our table. Semipublic display, or in the outdoors, will also test your nerve, possibly your exhibitionism, and certainly your obedience * * *

And also Strict Domination...

* * * You crawl naked on your hands and knees to your Master. Although you know my deep love and respect for you, we both understand that you are "my slut" for the night, weekend, or beyond. I put a dog-collar around your neck, and a leash, by which to lead you around, naked save for any "decorations" I have chosen to use on your body. Your body -- your ass, your nipples, your mouth, your cunt, everything, are for my use, pleasure, and amusement. You and your body are owned, and I am your owner. You are mine.

My body, is for you to worship, although you will have to work, and may have to beg, to earn that privilege. My orders, are to be obeyed, period, or you will be a punished and very sorry slave.

Sometimes you are tied up, and are completely, utterly helpless. When you are free from physical bondage, your still obey my every order, immediately. Although your limits are respected (and it goes without saying that we have a safe-word), you are otherwise expected to subject yourself to punishment and discipline of any kind I deem appropriate, whenever I deem it appropriate * * *

Finally, a description of my sexuality would be quite inadequate without adding:

* * * When not dominating you -- and sometimes when I do -- I dearly love to use my hands, and yes, my mouth and tongue, on your entire body..abundantly. I am very oral. If this isn't supposed to be a very "dominant" thing, I say To Hell with official rules about that sort of thing (or much else). I have known women who, on this matter, frankly, thought they died and went to heaven (hmmm... don't want to sound like a Dom with a huge ego -- change that to "were quite appreciative") to find someone who not only could be tender as well as to quite strictly dominate them, but who also used his mouth as I do. * * *

===> If you've read this post through carefully, you probably know this already: you need not share all of the above interests. Your limits and interests will however be stretched and expanded. Expect new things, and expect the unexpected, on an on-going basis.

I am interested neither in a "No, use the other whip on me!" type, nor, on the other, hand, in imposing on you things you truly hate and which go against your nature. Not that I would ask your permission before I do any single thing in a D/s relationship, but, first, we need to find common-ground for that relationship. At the same time, as my submissive, you must be prepared to allow me, and should expect, extensive "experimentation" on you (body and mind), and with you.

The next step must be yours..

If this post interests you, send me email telling me about yourself. Your email should not be two sentences saying "I'm interested" but a thought-out and open letter; like this post. Tell me why you are replying, what you are looking for, and why you think you are right for me; why we are (or might be) right for each other.

You can start by telling me a little about yourself. Physically, this should include your age, height, and weight. Feel free to say more about yourself physically, although that is certainly not necessary at this stage. Also include where you live (state and city/town/county; the idea is to eventually meet, so we shouldn't live so far that seeing each other presents serious difficulties), or, being very specific, about your ability to relocate.

Then tell me about your sexual history, both vanilla and D/s if any.

Next, tell me as much as you can about what you are looking for, and what your inner needs and desires are. If you can include a fantasy/scene, please do that as well. This may be difficult for you to do in the first person; you can write your description of your needs and desires in the third person.

This may be difficult for you to do in the first person; you can write your description of your needs and desires in the third person for example:. "..she loves to be bound, whimpering, and helpless.." or "..she likes having her clothes torn off.." or "..she has a bratty attitude that you should not put up with, and which requires regular doses of bare-bottom spanking.." ; or, "..she needs, she deserves to be subjected to [what?] and to regular punishment and humiliation.." ;

You can include statements such as "..is anally erotic.." Or "..loves to have her nipples teased/punished.." etc. Be sure to think about what your submissive needs are, including things you may not yet be fully comfortable with, as well as your desires.

Similarly you may write a favorite scene/fantasy of yours in the third person, what happens to "her", or, in the second person, "..next, you tie me up, blindfold me, and.."

(If you are not ready to include such fantasies in your first email that is fine, it can wait until our 5th or 10th email if we get that far. But those are the types of issues which we will need to explore).

I will be happy to reciprocate and send you some sample scenes, or responses to, or expansions of, the scenes you initially send to me. And we can take if from there, trying to find territory which matches both of our needs, and if we do, we can eventually talk or meet.

I know you are out there...

I look forward to hearing from you.

To contact me: send email to: ...

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