Direct quotes, word for word or very close, from my former subs and/or vanilla girlfriends. Some go back 15 years or more, others are much more recent. (I have not been with nearly as many women as you perhaps might imagine, but yes, all quotes below are from different women)

♥ "You are a skillful Dom. And even more importantly, a trustworthy one." -From a young woman who, in a rare case where I was given the ok directly from her boyfriend at the time, wished to explore D/s from a Mentor in a safe environment.

♥ "You know things about womens' bodies and responses, and psychology, that I thought only women knew!" (D/s context. A straight woman could have made this comparison but this woman had, in fact, also been sexual with women before, too.)

♥ "[After sex] My clit wants to marry your tongue! If I put a gown on my clit could we put a suit on your tongue and formalize it, so they can be together forever...pleeease? [big grin]."

♥ "[Soft vulnerable smile and grateful look in her eyes during a break between both D/s scenes and vanilla] Why are you being so nice to me?" (Yes this real-life quote is where I got the idea to use it two of my erotic stories, now you know the back-story how that little part of the dialogue ended up in my erotic fiction, when the quote itself is entirely nonfiction).

♥ Also after sex, "I didn't know you were such a [something very positive]. Why didn't you put that in your profile?" she said, having met me through an online site. I answered her: because I didn't want to attract the wrong kind of women who put too much emphasis on the purely physical side of sex (secondary reason being, not wanting to get a woman's expectations too high. I've rather understate than over promise.)

With the last quote now added (for the first time) maybe I risk missing these two goals, but hopefully not so since I censored the specific part. To avoid you getting expectations too high it wasn't anything extreme like "best in the world"...but yes, it was very positive and more importantly, says something about me, that I'd rather under-sell what I have to offer than over-sell.

In fact, just to find this page a woman needs to have first, decided to see my website (rather than just Personals profile on another site) then find the "About" section, then thirdly, reading the intro to the About section, and then, in most cases reading the first four links to decide about D/s and personal compatibility before getting finally to this 5th and last "more about me" link. So I don't think I've really broken my old position on such things; for all intents and purposes it's 'hidden from view' to more than 90% of women who take a casual look at an online profile of mine. If you (or any woman) got this far, to this page, then purely sexual and D/s physical skills of mine were definitely not her first or second most important factor but instead, the much deeper things and compatibility got her to keep reading and clicking.

Given that, at this late stage, there is no harm in adding something to the effect that, "oh yes, and the icing on the cake is the nice things indicated" by the above quotes.

Nevertheless, if you are a women who is not compatible, then despite all the above things you probably will probably not find me such a great Dominant and lover - if you don't match the things listed in the first four links in the About section including especially the fourth item. No matter how good a healthy-food hand-made gourmet meal is, if someone is used to and is expecting high-salt highly processed high-fat high sugar, they will not enjoy the meal. Only those whose minds and pallets have been opened will say "I used to think fast food and processed food tastes great and I would have disliked this meal in the past but now I actually thin it tastes fantastic and the old fast food I used to enjoy? Today if I get near it I think it's gross."

Similarly for compatibility of styles in relationships, sex, and D/s specifically. See the four links preceding this one in the About section to make sure we are not both disappointed. Men especially seldom have as many disclaimers and warning about "we might not be compatible if..." in their profiles or website, but I honestly think it's important to filter out such women (to save their time as well as mine) as well as include things to attract the right, compatible woman.