Written for a woman pal online who lives far away but is an online friend and occasional email correspndence and sounding board for some of my essays:

Hello there,

Glad to help with the advice and appreciate your big "THANK YOU" for my story The Spanking..that took a lot of effort and many hours of revisions to write. If you look at the names at http://www.intenseloving.com/erotica/

all the other names of stories (some I might rename) that are listed:

Are written or else largely completed. Oral along with The Spanking dates to the mid-1990s. The next two, to roughly 1999-2001 and the last two to the mid 2000s..although "Soft Spanking" which I haven't looked at in a while, might not be completed..it's a short novel almost, if I remember correctly. Most if not all of them are written in the second person, what "I" do (or did) to "you" so just be aware of that when you decide if/when you want that kind of erotic potential charge between us (I do so value your input or even just as a sounding board for my essays/analysis..) even though it's your Master who reaps the rewards..Back when the internet was a smaller place my erotic stories were yes, to share with everyone to spread the joy and love, but very much so to help a prospective partner understand who I am (and, to turn her on, duh! ;-) so for both of those two reasons, the first as well as the "turn her on" the second person seemed best.

To finally answer your question, I might get around to the file upload and cleaning up (even the ones that are "done" and all of the above are done or mostly done - I still like to make sure how they look today, years later) before I move..so probably at least one more this month..the rest, after I move in the next 6? or so weeks, I'll start the cleanup and upload of the rest..so you'll have at least that many to enjoy...half a dozen+ However after that, things go more slowly (or less polished stories, most likely both of these) as things that have bounced around in my head get revised over and over (supposedly music composers, some anyway, go through a similar process) and slowly morph into more definite shape, order or events, choice of words, build up of tone, and so forth.

My hope is truly to turn on and at the same time to explore the heart of D/s - both in the sense of "center of D/s" and in the sense of "Humanistic D/s" in the subtitle of my Alt profile..and ideally they (or most of the stories) work for newbies who might be a woman who's done none of this..but it's gratifying to hear that someone like yourself who is "into a lot more stuff than just spanking" can appreciate all the work I've put into creating that psychological atmosphere and sexual charge in The Spanking.

Sneak preview for you: Oral is just what is sounds like...relatively short intro, and as much autobiography for prospective subs as as it is an erotic narrative (it is both) about how much I love using my mouth on a woman's body...

Both The Visit and Into the Woods (whose longer name is "In the Bedroom..and Into the Woods") are a bit shorter than The Spanking (just looked online at kilobytes) while Our First Meeting is a little longer then The Spanking and I just confirmed that "Soft Spanking" (whose actual tentative title is A New Kind of Spanking) is the longest.

This last story's basic idea is simple: describe a couple who had been using *erotic* spanking as their only D/s like ingredient..and describe in slow, slow buildup how they are ready to explore, and her butterflies in her stomach, as they approach and get ready for, keeping the erotic spanking in their relationship but adding a more, I don't want to necessarily say "punishment" (as you point out fear of disappointing the Dom is a big issue for a caring sub) but let's just say, a new kind of spanking that is not just to help her get wet and cum, but where he is definite in charge of how much and how long how hard the spanking is...while still being an erotic story..I hope it help couples who are thinking of making that transition (but who like me are not into 24/7 for non-sexual domination) as well as hopefully it's erotic. It's back to "theory of relativity" in the sense that if the reader can get himself or more likely herself into the mental state and remember what it was like back then (say someone like you for whom it's not something new) but to remember what that was like and how it felt..it can be very erotic (while also other emotional chemicals related to apprehension etc, come in too)

"...Into the Woods" (and also The Visit, if I recall) started as an erotic story for an online friend, a fantasy on what it would be like to be lounging in bed at beginning of the day or something like that..and then an outdoors in the woods scene..Our First Meeting is what is sounds like, as she gets into his car for the first RL meetup after she and he got to know one another online :-) It has in addition to what I'll call Control (what she wears, what she takes off when etc) as well as Spanking aspects, one aspect I've only done a little bit in real life which I find interesting: making her hold her bladder and beg...for a loong time (they too are in the outdoors, wooded area, when she finally...finally..finally gets the ok to release after so much (nonalcoholic) drinking she had done..I think you mentioned you're not into pee related things in your blog a while back but maybe this might be fun aspect of Control (of your very private area) you might enjoy, I hope so. Now that I've typed all of this in I might as well upload the last few paragraphs (though only a handful have the website's address [right now] so others can know what's to come in the future..Correction! There is no "hold your bladder" scene in Into the Woods, I must be remembering one other story I wrote having that element, which I will search for and hope to find!

But that's a summary of what's already done or nearly done and will be uploaded faster one I move..One of the fantasies that are only partly mentally composed will have a "bi" aspect to it..I just looked online to see you're listed as straight..so maybe that won't be your cup of tea (basically a woman dominated by her Master and by one other woman) but all the other are purely straight so far.

As I said I don't get to visit blogs as often as I'd like (or else things like these stories, a whole website, and other projects) would never get done..but when I am able to definitely have yours on my very short list of blogs :-)

And while you wait for the erotic stories, you can read the letters from readers (sent to me back then, years back, the older version of my website) at the Letters section.

Don't worry I don't let it go into my head, I can be a pretty harsh critic of my own stories...but it may give you another glimpse of what I hope to accomplish again..If you're already read the "An Author Writes In" letter and the long but amazing "Your Website Changed My Life" there is a third one from the old days I recently updated, from Donna, a California woman, which is very short.

Take good care!