Essays Section: Fear of the Dark / Reflections

To soar and fly, we must first know ourselves. Maybe a better blog name would involve the word "mirror." If you don't really enjoy introspection (and yes, even intellectual inner gazing) about sexuality generally and about D/s especially, then this is probably not the blog for you. But if that kind of writing is your cup of tea, then to mix metaphors, please do dip your feet into the warm tub waters and come on in..
Main Essays
  • Fear of the Not Unknown

  • Is D/s Your Aeroplane? (needs one last proof reading but...close enough to final version, so enjoy!)

  • The D/s 'Theory of Relativity' (no's a pun and tongue-in-cheek as grandious ambitions for an Essay like this...but seriously looks at the central role of the relativity of MEP (mental/emotional/psychological) intensity)
      In preparation...long, but 70% done..

  • 2015 draft: Why you want BDSM (Ok, "some possible reasons for..." but important ones :-) ...and/or why you might secretly want without fully realizing it, some BDSM in your sex life)

  • What do Dominants Really Want? A paradox.
        With followup, "What do Subs want/need?"

  • The Future of Sex?
         (and other essays to come)
New! "Shorts" Section:

Shorter Essays, narrower focus

1. Is D/s a "game" or "for real"? And about "no-safeword" play.

2. Dacryphylia: Emotional side trumps the physical..but not entirely.

In addition to general Essays, section about my Personal Philosophy - to come. It is based on deep openness and communication, nurturing, and a combination of passion and intensity with gentleness and tenderness. Amongst the latter, on the list of things I enjoy giving (and in vanilla to both give and receive, but here we speak of D/s) would certainly be included, the forehead kiss :-)

Sweet isn't it? I think so. I like tenderness

And as the first essay indicates, I'm often serious and contemplative. But it's also nice to let loose or get wild, and even though I don't do beer, I love the attitude and color (literal and figurative) in the photo below :-)

(And any fellow where I'm not sure if he's giving her a hug, touching/rubbing her butt, or just dancing around her (all 3 being good things..) is ok in my book and judging by her smile, ok in her too.. Click on image for full size. (source)

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