In nearly pristine form, and the smiley icon means "drooling" btw :-) Here is Donna's email
To: Panaeros 

Subject: Your Website


I wasn't able to sleep tonight. And, after exploring link upon link, wound up
at your website.  I just finished reading every word.  Really....every word.
Read them in your specified order too...:)~~~ . 

Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed (a bit
mesmerized actually) with your thoughts on D/s.  A real person emerged
off that page.  You do sound so highly intelligent....and CARING.  I
know this would sound insane to someone who doesn't understand
D/s.... but , what I "heard" is that you really love women!  Your
sentences were like a gentle intoxicating.

I'm not responding to your post [personal Ad], but guess I simply felt compelled to write.
I'm  quite a bit older than you (43) and married.  Prior to marriage (mine is
vanilla btw) I did have one long term relationship that enjoyed a fair amount
of D/s "play".  I loved it...we had a wonderful time....soooooo intense.  I
really like and am comfortable with my sexual/sensual nature.  And, am able to
express this within my marriage. But, my husband is just not the "dom" type.
So, every once in awhile I like to peruse the D/s 'stuff' online.....(and
live vicariously through what I 

So now.... aren't you glad you have a web-page?  How wonderful to be regaled
with mail from strange (adrenalin starved) women living in California at

Good luck with your post :)


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