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Erotic stories penned by Panaeros.

From medium length erotic fantasies, to multi part novellas

Erotica section
Essays on Sexuality & Humanistic D/s. What is D/s, at its essence, at its heart? Analytical, philosophical writings on the yearnings, needs and meanings behind (and erotic, healing, & liberating potential of) D/s. Here we let the rational mind have temporary precedence over the passionate soul, but only to help the latter soar higher.


Letters from you...

Letters from Readers (Currently highlights letters sent to the previous version of my website)
Who is Panaeros?

More about Me and my background. (Link removed because out of date. This website is to enrich your own journey of self-discovery. If you want to get to know me today, email me -- "Contact information" below)

Includes my Profile and 'personals' ad.

Contact information:

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Website will be updated by the end of summer with uploads of at
least one more of my own erotic stories and possibly another essay or two..

In the meantime, here's some Art (Sensual, but non-explicit)
that you might enjoy viewing if you've already read all (is that possible??) of
my Essays and Erotica and Letters sections
or as an appetizer before returning to one of those sections..

Legalese stuff: By clicking any links on this website you agree you are not offended by, and may legally where you live, read stories and view photos and art which are sexually explicit, including BDSM themes. All stories, essays, etc, are © by me, Panaeros. Images are either in the public domain or fair use or unknown source but if you see an image you own and if you object (how could you? jk) to its use here, email me and I will work with you or remove it.