Pictures of a few 'Accessories'

"I'm not going to be like some of those Dom profiles who have pictures of their 98 different spanking implements!"

..this is what I used to say to myself.. Well, I'm still not including photos of "98 implements" ...but, what about a small selection of some of my items used for D/s and/or vanilla, and to start off, for massage? Hell, why not?

FYI, what actually what happened is this:

Seeing interesting profiles who listed giving/receiving massage as an interest, I wondered, "if I ever write such a woman, will she think I'm "just saying" that I like massage too, just to sound sensual? And end up not believing, not understanding that I truly, deeply do love to give massage, and own a half dozen massagers, and, having no professional degree but with an active interest in learning more?" So decided to snap a few pics of just 3 of my massagers..Next thing I know I thought, "Gosh, now that I've got the lighting etc all set up, why not also take a few photos of..?" and the rest is "history." ;-) See below:

A few items for massage...

Some good vibrations? For teasing and pleasing

Spanking? Four of my favorite from lightest to heaviest.

Finally for D/s proper... Bondage, nipple implements, a riding crop and more...

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