Some Sensuous, perhaps Sensual Paintings..

Gather Ye Rosebuds, 1909, John William Waterhouse
Waterhouse painting inspired by part of R. Herrick's 17th century poem, with the famous lines:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.

Awakening of Adonis (J.W. Waterhouse)

Hylas and the Nymphs (J.W. Waterhouse)

My Sweet Rose (J.W. Waterhouse)

Sometimes Nature herself creates her own art 'sculptures'
Whether it is the delicious and aesthetic beauty of a woman's body,
Or the majestic beauty found in the form of a living tree,
Or sometimes, as in this case, a dreamy mixture of the two..

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