The Spanking
By Panaeros

Some background! Please read these important introductory comments...

I wrote the fantasy below as a birthday present for a submissive female correspondent ("Sarah", the name of the submissive I use in the erotic story below, was not her name) with whom I later had a RL relationship. I wrote it in response to the two paragraphs (in blue) she wrote for me as a beginning (with a naughty, "why don't you finish it for me?" at the end) and with which the following fantasy opens.

I would also comment that, personally, I subscribe to the 'feminist view' that women are people ;-) and would probably not put "PMS" in an erotic story like this, so be aware the mention in the first paragraphs in blue came from the erotic mind of a submissive woman. The mind of a very strong submissive woman, and not just physically - she lifted weights for example - but equally strong emotionally. But yes, the part in blue came from the erotic imagination of a woman..

The erotic story below does not represent a "typical" spanking session with me (there is no such thing). I am not into heavy pain, and unless I'm with a sub very much into pain, would not administer spanks in quite the huge numbers and intensity on each cheek (if anything I'm too soft..the real life woman who wrote the paragraphs in blue once said to me, in a soft, shy "I'm not worthy, am I?" hesitate voice, she said to me, after we met in person for several days of D/s with me "why are you being so nice to me?" Of course she was talking about other things - my hands/massage/orally being very giving as well as emotionally and in other ways.. But, yes I can be very intense too :-) But the following is an attempt to put on paper the intense experiences behind spankings.. and the real world desires and feelings behind it 'punishment' spankings as well as 'erotic' or 'playful' ones. Also, the reader should note that a "bright red" color on her ass is to be interpreted to be a color in the world of emotional intensity, and feelings, and release, not necessarily a color in the physical world.

A final note: There is a lot in here about the submissive's psychology. Her inner feelings, her inner voice, her inner thoughts. The second woman with whom I shared this erotic story back in the days of the original website, wrote to me that she was "first uncomfortable with... then enjoyed... and finally luxuriated in" the extent to which the narration enters into the mind of the submissive woman.

So there you have it.. It's been many years since I've carefully proof-read and many many years since I've written this story..I hope that, despite the imperfections in any attempt to capture these types of things in writing, that it still holds some of the same intensity, and hope you enjoy reading it..

It had been a miserable week. The air conditioning was broken, and for the 4th day in a row it was over 100 degrees. Work was busier than usual, but to top it all off it was PMS WEEK! He'd been rather lenient all week because he knew that the stress was getting to her, and next week she would be bending over backwards to try to make up for the way she'd been acting. On Wednesday, she screamed at him over something trivial (not that screaming at him was ever acceptable, for any reason) and he'd just given her a stern look of warning. She really should have heeded the warning.

On Friday afternoon, he snuck quietly into the house with a boquet of flowers. She was in the kitchen doing the dishes, and he stole in behind her and put his arms around her for a hug. Startled, she swung around angrily yelling "don't you ever..." Before she had a chance to finish the sentence, the look in his eyes told her it was already too late. Mid-sentence, she stopped, mouth still hanging open as she searched for the words that would save her. "I'm so sorry" she whispered, her face ashen. "You know its just the PMS. I can't help it. Please, give me another chance." He just stood there silently, watching her increasing discomfort, while he tried to maintain his calm. When he finally felt it was prudent for him to speak, he told her with a calm which belied his anger to get into the bedroom. Without another word, he turned in the other direction while she scurried off into the bedroom. There, she took off her clothes and waited...

When he finally entered the bedroom, it was only after enough time had passed, to have given her the opportunity to contemplate her fate, enough time to heighten her tension and anxiety, enough time for the child-like feelings of helplessness to settle in, along with the butterflies in her stomach, enough time to fully impress upon her the inevitability and utter unavoidability of what was to follow -- but, somehow, and as always, just short of enough time to lend her any comfort at the postponement of meeting her fate, let alone daring to hope that she might, somehow, succeed in escaping it.

"Did I tell you to take off your clothes?" his words startled her out of her self-absorbed state.

", I mean, I thought..." she struggled, alternately looking at him with eyes begging understanding one instant, nervously staring at the floor the other.

"I mean, you usually want me," she half-stuttered, realizing she was only digging herself deeper, only further sealing he fate, with every word that escaped he lips, "I mean you usually tell me to strip naked first, so I just thought --"

She was cut off mid-sentence.

In a flash, he had swung her around, and she found herself facing the wall, her face against it, her wrists griped firmly in one of his hands, knowing, a split-second in advance, that she was about to feel the sting of his other hand on her naked buttocks.

"Did I -- *SLAP!* -- tell you -- *SLAP!* -- to strip -- *SLAP!* -- young lady??" his voice came in, punctuated by the rhythm of his hand's sharp slaps on her ass-cheeks, which were already decorated with rose-colored imprints of his hand.

"No, Sir, I'm sorry," she pleaded, her eyes already wet, her bottom already burning, and her face quite flushed.

"You will -- *SLAP!* -- strip naked -- *SLAP!* -- when I tell you to -- *SLAP!* -- and not before, is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir" she said in her most obedient voice, wanting to rub away the pain, but knowing better.

"Good. I have to go make a phone-call. I expect you back in your panties, skirt, and top, neat and tidy, when I return."

"Yes, Sir" She tried to smile at him, to convey to him her total obedience, but she was still shaking somewhat.

When he returned, he found her exactly as he expected: neatly clothed in just her panties, skirt, and top, and in the Pre-Spanking Position: facing the corner like a punished little girl, her face and nose meekly touching the place where the two walls met.

His words were simple: "Now we begin."

Sarah knew exactly what those words meant. She was to assume the next Position -- not a Spanking Position, not yet. She turned towards him and stood before him, her face glued to the floor. "I'm sorry, Master. I know my behavior was unacceptable," she spoke, staring at her two bare feet, as though she was talking to them, "I know I need to be punished. And please, after you give me the punishment I deserve, please forgive me..."

In response, he sat himself on the bed, his only signal a quiet tap on his lap.

Immediately, she assumed a kneeling position before him, kissed his hands, and thanked him for the punishment he was about to administer. At his nod, she gracefully stood up and then lay across his lap, her face staring at the floor from the angle she had come to know so well.

His hand rested on her bottom, temporarily still protected by her thin panties and skirt.

"I am disappointed in you, Sarah. I did not expect that this would be necessary again so soon. You have been behaving like a spoiled brat."

"I know, Sir, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being bratty," she said almost in a whisper, almost as if in a trance.

"For behaving like a child you will be treated like a child, is that understood, young lady?"

"Yes, Sir.

"Good. Now thank me again."

"Thank you, Master. Thank you for taking the trouble to punish me, so I can learn to behave."

Upon hearing those words, he began her spanking proper. *WHAP!* *WHAP!* *WHAP!* The thin material of the skirt offered some protection, but not much. Her ass was already in some pain, and the heat and pain were increasing with every slap. *WHAP!* *WHAP!* *WHAP!* Sarah bit her lower lip, trying to hold back the tears. She wondered how much worse it would be when her skirt is lifted, let alone without her panties...

When he decided that she had had enough "warming up", he paused.

Next, he lifted her skirt, causing her to blush as he exposed her round ass-cheeks, covered only by a small pair of sheer panties, to the cool air in the room."

He gave her a moment -- a fleeting moment -- to mentally adjust to her predicament. No matter how many times she had gone through it, no matter how vividly she thought she remembered the experience of being over his knee, her hands on the floor, her butt high in the air, exposed, supremely vulnerable -- she always found herself under-prepared for the embarrassment and sheer helplessness this position put her in.

He reached underneath and caressed her right breast, then her left breast, where his hand lingered to toy with her nipple. He first squeezed it, then gave it a half-twist. A moan escaped her lips. A finger then suddenly flicked her right nipple. This startled her, and she let out an "oh!"

His response was a quick twist of her right nipple, followed by a sharp *SLAP!* on her now more vulnerable ass.

Tightening his hold to keep her still, he went to work on her panty-covered behind.


His hand rained on her ass, alternating left cheek, right cheek, left, right.




He could tell that beneath the sheer panties her soft smooth skin had turned a bright pink... They would soon match the color of her red-faced embarrassment, he knew. He pulled her top over her head, but not all the way off, the material providing a nice bit of bondage for her arms, keeping them out of his way. Since she was wearing no bra, this afforded him more direct access to her breasts. He could now caress the skin of her naked breasts with more nuance, giving her goosebumps, just as he intended. His fingers were also now provided with improved access... another flick! to her nipples, right and left, followed by a gentle but insistent pulling down on her nipples, then suddenly --




Sarah's ass was now on fire, and it was increasingly difficult for her to keep still, her legs already beginning to kick in response to the stinging slaps, her eyes filled with real tears, not just tears of pain but tears of sorrow for her misbehavior, and hears of her humility -- or was it humiliation?

But in addition to the fire she felt in her ass, there was also a heat, an unmistakably moist heat, building up in front, in her crotch. And while she is usually very well-behaved, this time she was unable to control herself and started rubbing her crotch against him.

Maybe it was because she had been horny all week, and particularly horny all day today. Maybe a part of her was also hoping that he might lessen the punishment if she got him excited, too. Yes, she had to admit, that was part of her scheme...but maybe he wouldn't notice her subtle rubbing, so she would just be making herself, and him, feel good, and maybe, perhaps, lessen her punishment, too. Maybe he wouldn't notice if she also--

He stopped.


Had he noticed?

Had he figured her out?

"What the hell do you think you're doing??"


She started to whimper..


"Did I *SLAP!!* tell you *SLAP!!* to answer? **SPLAPP!**

With that, in one instant, he ripped off her panties, down to her knees. "You think this is exciting??" *SLAP* "I'll SHOW YOU 'EXCITING'!" *SLAP!* *SLAP!!* **SPLAT!!**

In his zeal he pulled her panties further down, down to her ankles, and then started spanking her butt with a determination and bite she had seldom felt before.

**SPLAT!!** **SPLAT!!**

**SLAP!!** **SLAP!!** **SLAP!!**

She was sobbing, completely out of control, crying out loud like a punished little child, her legs involuntarily kicking. She was bawling and begging, no longer embarrassed, no longer caring what she looked like, but trying, completely in vain, to do anything to avoid the blows which continued like a torrent on her burning ass.

**SPLAT!!** **SPLAT!!** "I'm so EEEOWE! sorry Sir, I'm AAHHH! really OUCH! sorry! *oh please* Master AYE! OUCH!"

**SPLAT!!** **SPLAT!!** **SPLAT!!**

And then it suddenly stopped.

Was this just a pause, or would she actually be given the (brief!) rest her bottom so sorely needed?

"To the Corner, young lady."

Sarah promptly got up, and, shuffling with the steps of a little girl due to the panties at her ankles -- which she knew better than to try to do anything about -- she made her way to the Corner where she placed herself and her face.


She didn't forget, honest!..she was just reaching for her skirt! Please please please let him realize that..anything to avoid more punishment than she was already in for!

She lifted and held up the back of her skirt, while keeping her face in the corner, exposing her now bright-red ass, and keeping it in full view for the duration of her Corner Time.

She stood there silently for several minutes. Suddenly she felt his hand on her inner thighs. He then rubbed her crotch from behind, and was not surprised to find it very very wet. He inserted a finger, then two, and slowly finger-fucked her, the two of them knowing that any thrusting back was strictly forbidden to her. The fingers suddenly withdrew. He rubbed his wet fingers on her ass-cheeks, drying them off, and providing her buns, now quite warm to the touch, with a bit of cool relief. She then noticed him walk away.

After an appropriate amount of additional Corner Time, he signaled her back into the kneeling position, whereupon she shuffled, again, with the panties around her ankles, and stood in front of him, eyes downcast.

"Are you learning your lesson?

"Yes, Sir."

"You know what happens when you are very naughty, don't you?"

She wondered silently what this meant. The heavy hair-brush? Please oh please don't make it the heavy hair-brush!

She didn't have time to further think about her question.

"And I'd hate to have to add even more to that, but you know what happens when you have Strikes against you in addition to what you are being punished for, don't you?"

Her mind was racing...trying to remember. She never could focus very well after crying so hard and with her butt still on fire, and still due for more.

"It means Dee-ess"

"D-S? What's he talking about? 'D/s' is that what's he's talking about, Dominance and submission, what about it?" she found herself thinking.

"You already have several Strikes against you: first, for taking your clothes off without being told to... Second, for trying to 'rub-off' during your spanking... "

Was there a third, fatal Strike? Was he going to count her not lifting the skirt quickly enough? Her heart stopped. Her breathing stopped.

"Let's hope you can control your behavior at least through the end of your spanking without getting a third Strike today, because I'd hate to contemplate the effects on your ass otherwise."

Only two Strikes! Thank sweet heavens, only two Strikes!

Now she had to face the second part of her spanking, however...

"You'll now get fifty spanks with the hair-brush"

Fifty, she thought??

At least, she reasoned, trying to console herself, at least if it's fifty, it must be the regular hair-brush, not the dreaded heavy hair-brush, which was an only slightly less painful cousin of the long-armed bath-brush.

"Bring me the heavy hair-brush."

"Fifty with the heavy hair-brush?"

"On each cheek, of course"

"Oh please!.. Fifty on each cheek? With the heavy hair-brush?" she started to cry.

"Alright, we'll make it sixty each," he said calmly.

"Sixty??" she was openly crying out loud now.

"Shall we make it sixty-five?" he asked, his eyes motioning towards the bathroom.

"No, Sir! I'm fetching the heavy hair-brush for you, Sir!" Still crying, she rushed to the bathroom as fast as she could, in her condition, which wasn't very fast, and returned with the heavy hair-brush.

She wanted this over with as quickly as possible.

Kneeling, still whimpering and shaking a bit, she recited "Thank you, Master, for taking the trouble to discipline me" and meant every word.

"The hair-brush," he reminded.

"I thank you, hair-brush" she quickly added, and kissed the surface which was to soon bite into her already very tender ass.

At least, she thought, now over his lap, at least she avoided the Third Strike and whatever 'Dee-ess' meant.

He lifted her skirt, exposing her naked ass.

"Hand me the hair-brush"

"Yes, Sir."

"Your hand.."

Her top was completely off now. For heavy spankings, instead of both hands on the floor or bed, one hand was to be on the floor to support her weight, while the other was held by Master behind her back... Kind Master would let her switch hands sometimes.

"Yes, Sir.."

He lifted the hair-brush in the air, then paused.

"Oh, one more thing, Sarah."


"I just remembered a little comment you made this morning."

What did she say?? Her heart raced, her thoughts raced, her breathing stopped again.

"While we were getting dressed, you made a 'cute' little remark. Just trying to 'tease' me I suppose..."

A 'little remark'? Teasing him? What could he be thinking of?

"That's the second time this week you've been cutsie-fresh and teasing in the morning."

Oh shit! She forgot about that...she didn't mean to...she was only trying to...she knew there was no use trying to defend herself, and that any such effort would only earn her ass additional attention of the sort that had already been more than amply lavished upon it so far tonight...

"If it was only once... but twice this week? Well, I'm afraid you leave me no choice, it's Three Strikes. Too bad.."

He actually seemed to be enjoying himself! A flash of anger went through her for an instant, only to be replaced by that helpless feeling, which returned to its place of residence in the pit of her stomach.

"I guess you know that that means not only will you get the hair-brush, but it will be a D-S day today, so you'd better rest your butt well after the hair-brushing.

Oh God. It came to her then, in one quick creeping realization -- it had been so long, she had forgotten, failed to make the association -- "D.S." -- "Double Spanking", the two words she feared, no, dreaded, more than any others when it came to spanking.

"We'll first be having dinner with Paul and Sue, just as we had planned, I just called them earlier to postpone, so I can finish your hair-brush spanking first," he announced matter-of-factly.

And of course he had to tell her now. That was part of it, that was the whole idea.

Double Spanking meant that she knew, right now, before her hair-brush spanking, that no matter how much it hurt, that no matter how much she cried, there would still be a second spanking later tonight, before bed.

Double Spanking meant that she knew, right now, that now matter how much she might beg and plead after her first spanking, -- and she knew that, sooner or later that night, she would -- there would be a second one later tonight.

Double Spanking meant that all throughout dinner with Paul and Sue, a part of her mind would be thinking, squirming, dreading, the Second Spanking to come.

[Hair-brush spanking]
This scene takes place in your mind, dear reader..

In her squirming and crying and kicking, her panties had come off her ankles and lay useless on the floor...

At last the hair-brush spanking stopped, leaving her ass candy-apple red, her face, still sobbing and feeling warm, flushed and wet from all the crying, and her body drained.

"Now, about not lifting your skirt up on time in the Corner," he started.

"Oh please please please Master *SOB* please no more *SOB* , I can't take any more...*SOB* please Master..." she was crying in earnest again.

"Sarah, I will ask you this just once. Do you deserve to be punished for that?"

She listened as a voice deep inside her, somehow, let out the words "Yes, Sir" from her lips.

The hair-brush lay on the bed. "Now hand me the hair-brush."

As she continued to sob, she felt her hand reach for the hair-brush and hand it to her Master.

"Now tell me again, do you deserve to be punished, Sarah?"

Somehow, again through some voice deep inside her, she managed to pause her sobs just long enough to say -- "Yes Master, I deserve it."

He raised the hair-brush high in the air.

He looked down at his beet-red target.

He looked at her punished ass, and felt sorry for his sometimes naughty, but still well-meaning, and most of all, his loving and devoted slave --and partner-- whom he loved dearly.

"No, you've been punished enough for now, Sarah."

He lay down the hair-brush.

Tears of disbelief, tears of joy, cathartic tears of surrender and relief and complete fulfilled happiness streamed down her face.

Gently, he stroked her flaming ass-cheeks. Despite his gentleness, they were so sore it still hurt her a bit, but the loving touch of her Master, as well as his forgiveness, his acceptance and understanding, was something she craved so badly at this point that she was deeply grateful for his hand's light, soothing touch. He then bent his head down and gently kissed the tops of each cheek, where the hair-brush had done the most damage. He then rubbed them softly, and kissed them again.

Master slowly helped Sarah to her feet, brought her to him, and kissed her forehead tenderly. He then lay her down next to him and continued to kiss her forehead, while she cried little sobs of release, then her eye-lids, continuing to plant loving kisses all over her face, comforting her, loving her, while her sobs subsided. He then put his arms around her, and held her warmly, held her closely, for what seemed like a very, very long time....

"Sarah?" he finally said.

"Yes Master?"

"I love you, Sarah. I love you dearly, and I always will."

"I love you too, Master!" she cried, half sobbing, her arms holding on to him tightly.

They lay there in each other's arms for a while longer, until he kissed her deeply on the lips. He then kissed her forehead again and said "better shower and freshen up before our dinner date with Paul and Sue..."

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