The Visit

A story written for and sent to an erotic online friend, when I was in the right mood to be able to write this in one sitting. Not my best story but a spontaneous little bit of creative writing (not polished, only minor revisions after that first sitting to type it in)

I hope you enjoy the following. It started as a shorter scenario
but kept building into the kind of full-length fantasies I
put on my web page... I was sitting at my computer one night with the
window open...

Buildup is very important to me...

Let's see window is open right now and the fragrant night air and bird sounds have made their way into my room...I imagine you have come here for a visit and we've had a good day's nature trip (the beach? or maybe drove all the way to the mountains for a hike..) ... and have had a good meal or two... and afterwards, I had you lay down so I can give you a nice, long massage...

You took off your top, but your modesty was preserved, in part, by your lying on your stomach. I massaged your back for a long time, and gave your feet a nice massage, then worked up to your calves, deeply massaging the muscles there, and finally up to your thighs, massaging the backs of your thighs.

You were becoming increasingly turned on, even though at the same time there was wonderful relaxation and non-erotic feeling of pleasure throughout your body from the massage, yet the erotic tension in the room was building, steadily building... ("Are we gonna eventually transition to more-than-friends, to sex? Later to D/s?") You slowly spread your legs apart as I continued to massage your thighs, inviting me to come closer and closer to where your legs met... I wasn't sure how much of what I saw there was perspiration from our hike, or if you were wet...could perspiration look so beautiful? Or perhaps we individually took showers just after the hike, so that was the source of moisture on your thighs, which made it hard to see where the shower moisture ended and where your erotic juices began...perspiration is not a turn-off for me, especially immediately after exercise when it has no bad smell, in fact it can be erotic just then)

You let out a disappointed sigh when I stopped short of pulling down your panties. I did, however, pull down your shorts, and after your thighs, massaged your buns through your underwear...making you moan out loud... your juices were by this point obvious, and your moans were meant to say, "oh please, yes, please continue... please pull down my panties... please touch my wet pussy which is aching so badly for the touch of your hand" but I stopped short of that, and pulled your shorts back up.

"Look, it's almost sunset, let's go out to the lake just a short drive from where I live, and watch the sun set," I suggested.

Although you were still disappointed and sexually frustrated, the way I said it made you look forward to it. Out we went into the fragrant night air...holding hands like lovers do without either of us having given it a thought, it just came so naturally. After getting to know each other in a day which seemed like we knew each other for months or years...the hike, the excellent food, and now the ice was broken with that massage that started pleasurable and turned erotic... Now, like lovers, were walked together, hand in hand, out into the night air...

So here we are now, both of us outside, hearing the evening bird sounds, and the sounds of the insects singing to us, too... The beautiful night sky, the achingly beautifully dark colors and shades, and shapes... dancing on the surface of the lake and smaller ponds... (or maybe we found a beach after all..)

You call my name... I look at your beautiful face and you embrace me... and in the now mostly but not entirely dark air, our lips meet in a kiss... a hungry, passionate kiss of deeply felt emotions, and of deep wants and needs.

"Are you ready?" I ask. You nod. I ask if you're sure. You hesitate. Not because you're not sure, but because you're afraid of your own passion, of telling me just how badly you want, no, need this. Afraid of telling me how long you've fantasized about being spanked by me. You want to say "Yes, Yes, Yes Damn It! Take me, possess me, strip me, spank me, take my body and do with it what You want, kind!... please..?"

Do you realize, I ask you, do you realize that once we start, there is no turning back? That once you consent to the spanking, I will be your Dom and you my sub for the rest of your prolonged stay, your visit here? Sure, we will still spend much of the day as equals, enjoying nature walks, and so on... but, at any time I could call on you to submit, at any time I wanted. And for course, that's next week, but this entire weekend would be your erotic deflowering and fuller introduction into the world of D/s (yes, a loving D/s, but unmistakably, D/s it shall be), once we take that step, if you take that step over the threshold... if you're ready.

Your mind races...Why do I torment you so by prolonging this decision, you wonder? Why don't I make it easy for you by telling you how much I want you, erotically, sexually, and in D/s as my beautiful submissive, so you could just say "ok"? That would be easy...almost too easy.

No, my job is not to make things easy for you. Honesty, yes. Integrity, yes. And an erotic adventure that is about to be embarked on, both exciting, arousing, and slightly scary, along with love and tenderness and erotic passion – it will be all of that, yes. But I never promised you it would be "easy".

You look deeply into my eyes and tell me, with eyes either slightly damp or shiny with intensity, perhaps both, that you are ready. You tell me that you are ready for me to spank you when we return to my place, whenever I decide to start, and whenever I feel like it thereafter. You tell me that you trust me and that you understand that I will be in charge, and that you will be surrendering control once we start... You pause. In a whisper you add, "Please, Sir, I want you to... ummm.." My eyes give you a stare that instructs you to, yes, say it, and you do: "I've been a naughty girl and I need to be spanked, Sir..." and are surprised that halfway through your words, it no longer felt artificial to say that you've been a naughty girl...yes, you're self-conscious about that phrase, but now, it rings true to your ears in a new way.

"Very well, then," I reply, and hold you in my arms for a while.

It's cooler now outside, and you can feel slight goose-bumps on your skin, including on your breasts, thighs, and your bottom. You feel my hands move downwards as I hug you, down behind you towards the smooth cheeks of your ass. You long for me to grab ahold of your cheeks, while thrusting my pelvis into yours, but instead there is a gentle, reassuring rubbing of your bottom. In a moment of passion, you open your mouth again and kiss me full on the lips. I respond to your passion in kind, and our tongues find each other as my hands find their way around your waistbands and now cup your cool, soft ass cheeks directly now, squeezing them. We both know that while it was you who took the erotic initiative just now, that this initiative will be mostly my domain when are arrive back at my place. And now, just as our oral embrace ends, I give your ass a short, sharp pinch and you have to bite your lip slightly to avoid making noise.

"I do believe one of us owes the other a massage, yes?" you hear my lips whisper with sudden authority in my voice.

Holding hands again, we head back to my place..and before you know it, we have entered my living room.

"Why don't you take off your shoes and socks," I announce.

Not "take them off," just "why don't you" and yet in my voice there is an unmistakable tone of someone who is now in full control, and that you are expected to comply; that my suggestions from now on, are far more than suggestions.

"Good," I respond when you've complied. "Now your shirt and shorts". You respond more crisply, more quickly this time, looking down in slight embarrassment as you do, although the light in the room is at a fairly dim setting.

I sit down and indicate for you to help me out of my shoes, then socks. Instinctively, you show your respect by carefully folding the socks and by arranging both socks and shoes neatly against the wall. I stand up and indicate for you to remove my shirt, which you now do, baring my chest.

"Good, I don't think I could have waited any longer for my massage," I smile, as I lay down on my stomach. You kneel before me and, with some hesitation, ask me how I'd like you to start. Carefully you are guided in giving me a long, loving, sensual massage from head to toe and back, going through every exposed square inch of my skin, namely every part other than those portions covered by the mens shorts and partly visible underwear underneath. You remember my mentioning the phrase "tongue bath" and imagine worshiping me orally in this manner from head to toe as your hands had so lovingly done when I interrupt your daydream by instructing you to lie down.

I treat you to the same loving massage all over again. As my hands make you melt, your mind drifts again. Why is he being so nice to me? Am I expected to decline this kindness? Is this a kind of test? Will I live up to his expectations? What am I getting myself into? I am so incredibly aroused and wet, I hope my judgment is ok.. God, I can feel it on my thighs, where he's touching me, where my wetness has reached...

This time my hands do linger around your panties, and as you spread your thighs apart, my finger caress the insides of the uppermost reaches of your thighs, finally reaching to tickle the small amount of pubic hair at the outskirts of your almost entirely hairless pussy. My hands reach for the elastic of your panties, and without thinking you lift your weight (this time not merely in encouragement, but in compliance), as you feel the soft air, sometimes slightly warm, sometimes slightly cool, caressing your now completely naked ass, revealed and exposed to my hungry gaze.

I alternately knead your round cheeks and upper thighs. The circular motion causes the periodic spreading wide open of your thighs, your pussy from behind, and of your asscrack, all of which present a deliciously perverse little dance before my eyes.

You feel my warm, moist breath there now...then a finger, ever so lightly, just barely touch your outer pussylips, bringing your mind an erotic cascade of sensations... I repeat this several times, as your pussy now becomes soaked, creating a beautiful little round spot of wetness on the sheet beneath us. A finger presses ever so lightly at your entrance...

Your passion builds. Oh god, please don't make me beg you think to yourself..

The finger stops.

Oh please... ok, I will beg, if you want me to...?

I am on top of you, my chest on top of your back, my arms hugging you from behind, as I hold your arms above your head, kiss the back of your neck, and press my growing hardness through my underwear into the crack of your naked ass.

"Are you ready for your spanking," I whisper into your ear.

"Yes, Sir..." without effort.

"I think you're almost ready."

What does he mean 'almost'?

My hot, moist breath returns to its previous location.

Soft kisses fall like raindrops on your ass cheeks, then move down to your thighs, finally reaching your calves. Loving hands massage your feet again for a moment, then plant a few kisses on the soles. The man whom you address as "Sir," whose feet you would kiss upon his command, is briefly but lovingly kissing yours. Why is he being so nice..? but you push those thoughts of doubt, the fears, the disapproving voices, push those doubts and questions away this time, telling them to Go Away, that it is because he is for real, and so is this relationship, damn it, and what you and he have really is as special as you had hoped, thought about for so long, dreamed about, and damn it he really does have as much love and caring for me as... as I almost didn't dare hope he did....

A wet drop slides away from your left eye.

My kisses are back to your calves now, accompanied this time my nibbles and the wet slickness of a soft tongue, gliding up to your thighs now, which spread with such ache, such lust, such need... my nose tickles your pussy at last, inhaling deeply into your aroma, and you can almost picture me smile. My fingers spread you open as my mouth reaches to plant a soft kiss on your moist petals... finally extending a tongue, which satisfies you so, and yet teases, by brushing so lightly from the front of your pussy to the back, past your asshole and up your asscrack, then stops.

This, your Dom muses to himself, can be continued later.

"Stand up," you next hear the my voice as I stand, looking down at your completely nude body.

I take your hand and lead you to the scene of your spanking as I sit down and lay you over my lap. You lay down gently now, lightly, softly, as though you weigh no more than a light blanket, your whole body and skin feeling soft, content, and yet anticipating...

A sharp slap lands squarely on your right buttock.


Another sharp, slightly harder slap lands on your left ass cheek.


You feel a warm glow emanate from each.


My hand rubs your rear softly, lovingly, erotically, longingly, but then–

*Slap!* *SLAP!*

Two sharp spanks land on your right cheek.

*Slap!* *SLAP!*

Two now on your left.

The warm glow is now unmistakable from both cheeks.

One hand rubs your butt slowly, moving up and down, and from side to side.

Another hand now finds your breasts, staying on them for a few moments, and then finding your pointed nipples, rubbing and massaging them, then lightly pulls down on the exposed nipples as the heat in your ass seems to seep deeper and deeper into your by now thoroughly drenched crotch.

*Slap!* *SLAP!*

*Slap!* *SLAP!*

Two on the left followed immediately by two on the right.

I pause as the heat builds up again.

This time one hand plays with your nipples, while the other hand finds your sopping pussybox, my finger boldly and without hesitation entering you from behind now, where it stays, wriggles and moves around some, then exits.

I lift you momentarily to allow my non-spanking hand underneath you now, its finger entering you... it stays there, while my other hand rains spanks upon your ass, always pausing, letting the heat subside, but with ever shorter pauses, and with building intensity. Yes, you are quite turned on, but it is starting to honestly hurt too...but, in a good way you find yourself thinking.

Your mind is now swiming back and forth between deep and building lust, then surprise at how this is gradually but unmistakably becoming a real no-nonsense spanking, and even more surprise at how your entire body, your entire being from the pit of your stomach to your crotch to your dry throat are telling you that a real spanking, not a purely erotic one, is exactly what you need, really and truly need, right here, right now...while also, you admit to yourself, being...a bit scared and apprehensive about what's to come next..

...Not that you have any complaints about the fact that I'm letting this spanking with its steadily building intensity, still have several very much erotic components and interludes.

Each time my spanking hand connects with your by now very bright pink ass, the heat radiates into your pussy. Each time, your hard nipples are stimulated by the forced rubbing against the fabric. Most of all however, with each spank, my finger moves inside you as the rest of my hand rubs against your clitoris.

As your orgasm approaches, I bring your voice out as it responds, almost automatically, to my commands and questions.

"What have you been? Who's been a naughty girl?"


"Ooooh! I have..."


"Ouch, I have been, Sir! Sorry Sir!"


"Good girl".

"And who do you belong to, my dear?" *spank!*

"I belong to you, Sir!"

"That's right.. *Slap* and don't *Slap* you *Slap* forget it!

"And who owns this nipple?"

"Oooooaaaahhh, you do, Sir!"

*SLAP* that's correct, and, who *SLAP* owns this *SLAP* ass?

"You, Sir, you own my ass!"

*SLAP* Damn *SLAP* Right I do *SLAP* *SLAP!*

As I continue our dialogue, my fingers pay more attention to your nipples, and I spread you further, allowing caresses to reach your asshole and increasingly your pussy which is about to explode...

You tell me how I own you, body, mind, and soul. You answer my demanding questions by telling me I can spank you whenever I want. "Only when it's mostly done erotically, like this moment?" No, you answer, I can spank you whenever I want, you tell me, as hard and as long as I wish, and in whatever manner I want, and no, not only erotically, but also punishment spankings, whenever I so choose.

Our dialogue continues to build to a feverish pitch as the spanking and nipple pinching and pulling, and the fingering of your pussy and clit increase too... This isn't a contradiction: using eroticism and even an orgasm for you while the two of us are talking about including non-purely-erotic spanking crystallizes and cements in your mind the new place we've reached.

You tell me how your body is fully and completely mine, how you will sink to your knees, kiss my feet, my ass, and beg for permission to orally worship my cock (and balls and feet and ass and entire body) for as long as I desire, and in any way I desire. You tell me I can fuck your mouth, your pussy, and your asshole at any time I want, as long and as hard as I want, and at my prodding, you tell me that you will thank me before, that you will beg if allowed to, beg to do these things for me, and that you will thank me again afterwards, for allowing you such privileges. I take it up another notch: you'll also be thanking me before and after each spanking session, maybe kissing my hands first as you kneel before me as I sit on the bed, before each spanking session, sessions which will now become a regular part of what you can expect, maybe nightly, as your pussy now explodes and your ass bursts into a bright hot glowing sun which dances in color inside your eyes and out of your eyes inside your head which cries and cries and explodes and cums and the swirling confusion of half-thoughts and feelings of orgasmic cumming now-thank-you-Master orgasmic heavenly bliss..

A short eternity passes.

You lay softly on my lap, and I lovingly stroke your hair, back, ass, and the back of your head and the cheeks on your face.

I lay back on the bed and lift you on top of me for a long, warm body hug as I kiss your forehead and face repeatedly.

I hold you this way for a long time further, then contemplate what is to come next.

A soft, shy smile appears on your lips as you glance up at my face, as I ask you if you're ready to do my bidding, and following my instructions "with whatever I tell you to do next, my sweet slave?" and you find yourself looking intensely into my eyes, then shyly looking down but earnestly nodding and moaning, breathlessly, "Yes, Sir, I am yours, Sir..." as you find yourself thinking "completely your servant and sexual slave for the entire long visit...and maybe, just maybe, extending much longer than just during this visit.." before your mind returns to the present moment, this moment, tonight..

And to think that the night is still young...

Future additions here or elsewhere may include a photo essay or several, with spanking pictures, specifically: standing or kneeling before him, before the spanking...stripping herself below the waist or completely bare upon his order, or being disrobed by him as she looks apprehensive... During: over the knee spankings; leaning against the wall, and more.. After: She's rubbing her own pink or red butt, lots of Corner Time, and of course, hugs and after-care (or sex like she gives him oral while on her knees with her red ass on display, as well as after-care hugs and kisses to her forehead and closed eyes etc)

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