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I. A suggestion: You're free to read as you wish, of course. Generally though I'd recommend your reading the stories in the order they're presented in. See also the summaries. Just a few more words on recommendation.

II. Story Summaries in this combined overview of the fantasies (or, you might prefer the 'side notes' below)

III. "Q: I like the stories, but just wondering, why are most of the stories either mostly spanking or mostly on the 'softer' end of D/s in terms of physical activity?" A: You are observant to notice that outside of the physical, these stories are (emotionally, mentally, psychologically) anything but soft; they are quite intense Briefly: the physical details are mostly a vehicle to an end, and a vehicle which is more universal (one more readers could relate to) makes sense. Second, for me personally it is the woman's reactions that matter (oversimplification but true) more than the specifics of deeds done; I'm not aroused by more physically intense things which she doesn't at all want/need. And even if 100% of my readers were into a more intense activity X, it would take an even longer to paint the psychological/emotional background in writing. I do nevertheless have some specific interests; those are for sharing with those who seek to explore a D/s relationship with me, not as much for reasons of privacy as for the Second reason just stated. And, with the Dom leading, it is a back and forth mutual building-together of the Erotic World that best suits the needs & wants of the partners — a creative act that is unique to the people in question. (My Bio section has more on this Dance)


[Should add 2020 note about semi-asexual in relation to others these days.
"Say it ain't so!" haha.. It's true but still want
to contribute this labor-of-love to the world..Erotica and Essays section too
and with very rare people (not always erotically; even with men who just
are intellectually curious to use in their own lives) to correspond..
But add that, to the extent that I'm not fully asexual
"Femdom" stories available upon request to those who uncommonly,
are ones who can show respect and gain, my respect
Mostly Dom, but I've written or half-composed a couple of those
And still will finish the Maledom "A New kind of spanking" story some day :-)]

Yes for you more hard-core subs who ask,, I do enjoy more intense scenarios than in the stories below..some additional stories will be added...but the stories below are very honest and those I "click" with (even as "only" friends) will be able to perceive and enjoy the emotional and psychological intensity in the stories, even when the specific acts are (usually..) not too intense, in the "plot" of the stories...

And now:
=   The Stories  =

The very first two I'd written in the early days:
Mostly vanilla (with a hint of D/s)
But good as warmup / "appetizer"
The Spanking
Intro & story (500w and 3500w)
This story's gotten the most women writing me ;-)
If you want a fantasy with very similar themes to Oral and The Spanking combined together (which doesn't take D/s too far away from spanking), see The Visit next. But if you're itching for a story that takes discipline beyond spanking (say a whipping switch from a tree in the woods) and some bondage, try Into the Woods next, then return to The Visit when you'd like to enjoy another more intimately domestic form of discipline.

Into the Woods
(2700 words)

Even a deeply emotionally and psychologically involved, intense spanking story like The Spanking (or it's lighter fare cousin The Visit) can leave you yearning for a more..including for more than spankings. How about a birching while you're tied up, naked in real bondage while in the woods?

The Visit
(3450 words)
The next one written chronologically, I think. It combines elements of each of the first two (Oral & The Spanking) so combines vanilla with D/s (mostly spanking; want more than spanking? See Into the Woods!) Written for & sent to an erotic online friend (1000+ miles away, we never met) when in the right mood to enable me to write it pretty much in one sitting. An "if we met in person" erotic musing. It's not my most polished story, but a spontaneous bit of writing on the spur of the moment.

I hope you enjoy (and make time for) unhurried readings from the above, it's much better that way :-) Or have you read them all already?? Check out the Essays section, or see Letters.

Sneak Preview:

What about more erotica you ask, anything currently in the works? Yes. It's called A New Kind of Spanking. It's almost long enough to be called a Novella and it's a prequel to The Spanking, and is not too far from ready. It's my longest story yet, which is ironic since it all takes place almost entirely within the bounds of one single day in the couple's life. Well, that single day, plus room for her erotic mental trips down memory lane as she day-dreams during parts of that special and fateful day. How did she (or "you" in the story told in the second person) and "Michael" get into that D/s relationship we glimpse in The Spanking? How did they make that transition from a relationship in which her spankings used to be a purely sexy, erotic addition to spice up sex, into something more, as we see in The Spanking? This prequel tells the tale (and the "tail") of how that happened: the story of that metamorphosis. (Drop me a note at the email given on the front page if you'd like to receive notification right away when this story is added..)

And finally another story that's not far from ready may appeal to subs who may not want but need control, and while keeping the loving and caring background, incorporates an intense begging, squirming 'ordered to hold her bladder' scene where she's not allowed relief...until....a while...later.

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