Suggestion: Whether or not you identify as 'femsub' you are of course free to read in any order you wish. However, in most cases my recommendation is that you read the erotic stories and fantasies in the order in which they are presented.

Even more so, as indicated on the main page, you are urged to make time for unhurried readings, (see word count in parentheses) so you can fully enjoy them (They are not "fast food" erotica!)

Why I write. In addition to serving as a creative outlet for me, yes, a second reason is to draw that special woman to me (see my "Bio" section) but there is in fact, a third additional reason why I disseminate them: sharing them with the entire world for free is a bit of social activism. Not as important as helping starving children, certainly (though who says one has to restrict to one form or the other and not both?)

Nevertheless, the third purpose is to enrich people's lives: most directly, unabashedly, to give them a healthy pleasure: to feed their erotic fantasies, give them a powerful sexual charge, ideas for use in their own lives (whether with a partner or just to 'seed' their inner fantasy life, or both..) Yes, I'd like to have a healing and healthy turn-on of all women on the planet..and their lovers, no less.

But also indirectly, and this may sound even more absurdly ambitious, silly or quixotic but to help us all understand ourselves better.

And yes, I'm very serious about that too. How can you improve (to be more healthy, more sexy etc) without understanding, after all? To let go of unnecessary and unhealthy guilt and shame. This doesn't mean there aren't any unhealthy practices; there are. But we move away from them (or past them by transcending them) not through shame, but through a better understanding of our deeper needs the ones that lie beneath the surface (a surface need may be to be tied up just this way or to be flogged or to flog just that way, but an inner need is something else..maybe an essay with details another time, but things like complete surrender, might be among the examples) ...and we move in that direction by a better understanding of ourselves, which is the other side of the same coin.

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